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So many threats, so little time... Everyone knows the prolification of new virus threats that are reported every day. Every day new types of threats are released on the Internet and they are getting more sophisticated.The increase in Adware and AdWare have infected systems so badly that they became un useable and required cleaning. High speed, always on Internet connections are making the spread of these malicious programs even faster.If your computer is on the Internet with a dedicated high speed connection, it is exposed to any semi clever hacker while it is connected to the Internet. Simply turning off your DSL or Cable modem does nothing to protect you while you are actively using the computer online. With so much going on, it makes sense to invest in an ounce of prevention.

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One big area of concern is sitting between the keyboard and chair. What are your children or employees doing with their access to the Internet?SonicWALL Pro 2040 Firewall / VPNBecause of the global impact of the Internet, we get to interact with a lot of *really nice people* from all over the world. How do you know that your children are chatting with someone you would approve of? Did an employee inadvertently access a website and wind up with an infected computer? Parents and Employers are doing themselves a favor when they protect their children or employees from loading a site they should not.

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Fortunately, there are rather simple rules to follow to keep safe. First and foremost is common sense. If you get an E-mail from some person you don't know - you may want to question the attachment. And don't send it to 10 people in 10 minutes, no matter how many capital letters and exclamation points or promises of free Microsoft money. Second, have good Anti-Virus software and keep it up to date. Third, get a good hardware firewall - especially if your Internet access is broadband. Avoid the use of software firewall systems and installed parental control software. Inevitably all software becomes obsolete, corrupted, disabled, hacked around, or otherwise circumvented.

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